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NARI Cares Fundraising

To support our efforts in making a dfference in our community, we often rely on the generosity and support of our members, volunteers, donors, etc.

Usually these fundraising efforts entail a significant effort by everyone involved. However, it’s not uncommon for volunteers to have limited time or to be pulled away by life’s demands.  

That's why we found it essential to "think outside of the box" and be creative in our fundraising efforts...  

Introducing, our Workplace Wellness Program.  15% of all products purchased from this site will raise the much needed funds for our NARI Cares Program.

Why a Workplace Wellness Program?  With the current economic landscape causing higher health care costs, employee wellness is of upmost importance. For many companies, health costs use up 50 percent or more of their corporate profits.  In fact, the indirect costs of poor health, such as an absence from work and reduced work productivity, can result in two or three times the amount of direct medical costs, which is why more companies are now offering their employees some type of Wellness Program.

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Benefits of Worplace Wellness Programs for employees include:

Employer benefits for offering a Workplace Wellness Program are:

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